PHOTOS - Autumn at ABC TV Press Tour, TCA Panel, and a date night!!

August 03rd 2010

Autumn has been a busy woman lately! Entourage’s 7th season is in full swing and her character, Lizzie Grant, is becoming an even more integral part of the show as she takes a stand and fights back against Ari Gold. Autumn loves Lizzie and is excited for her fans to see where this character goes, but is also extremely looking forward to her new show No Ordinary Family making its debut on ABC in the fall. In preparation for the series premiere and this next chapter of her career, Autumn has been very busy filming and doing press for NOF. This past weekend was the Disney ABC Television Summer Press Tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca. Autumn took part in this event to help spread word about her fantastic new show.

Autumn Reeser

She has been running all over the place and working all the time, but Autumn has not let work get in the way of the other aspects of her life. Last week she was able to squeeze in some time with her husband, Jesse Warren, and they went to see the staged reading of a new musical version of ‘Jawbreaker’. Says Autumn, “The cast was excellent!”


Check out more photos of Autumn at these events HERE!!!

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Doppelganger Week…

February 03rd 2010

Hello, again!

It’s pilot season and I’m losing my mind.


However, it is also “doppelganger week” on facebook apparently, an event which causes me endless amusement for some reason…

..but makes it very difficult to tell who people are when they are requesting to be your friend!

Anyway… In the interest of providing levity to the middle of the week, here are a series of people that my facebook community thought could be my doppelganger…

Olivia Hussey

Christine Taylor

Reese Witherspoon

Angelina Jolie

And this is my own addition…

A random model who appeared in my inbox this morning modeling clothes for HauteLook:

Got any other suggestions? Do you think anyone posted ME as their facebook doppleganger??



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