Ok Go

March 04th 2010

This is Amazing!!

When I was a little kid, there was a tall mechanical clock in the very center of the mall in my hometown. It was filled with little slides, and gears, and miniature bowling balls, and they all worked together to create this beautiful, pointless, endlessly creative machine. I loved it! This new video from Ok Go reminds me of the childhood fantasy I had of being able to shrink myself until I was so tiny I could be a working part of the clock/artwork. I absolutely love the creativity behind this video! WOW! smile

Hope you enjoy!! xo Autumn

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Buckle Up…

February 12th 2010

Everyone has probably seen this ad by now, but it is so so so beautiful, with such a great message, that posting it again really couldn’t hurt.

Although, I can’t watch it without bawling my eyes out, so maybe it could hurt. A little.

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