birth of a book…

March 27th 2012

My sister sent me this beautiful, romantic process video about the making of a product that, sadly, many of us may not even use in our day-to-day lives anymore.  I’d love to share it with you.  Check it out at of a Bookxoxo

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a blast from the past…

March 26th 2012

That’s my little sister on the right and me on the left, in my most illustrious acting role to date.  The year was 1989…or was it?  This local community television production took place innnn the fuuuuture... where children wear pajamas 24-7, tie-dye is always in style, and all dresses are made from the liquid silver of Lady Gaga’s melted down costumes.Enjoy this blast from the past…or to the future…or whatever.xoxo

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